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My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days...

Katara is a young woman of the Southern Water Tribe. Born during the Hundred Years War, her home has been largely destroyed by Fire Nation raids, which left her the only waterbender in her tribe. After her mother was killed by Fire Nation forces, her father and others in her tribe left to fight the war elsewhere, leaving Katara and her brother Sokka to fend for their village. But as the war continued, most lost hope that Fire Nation's conquest of the rest of the world could be stopped.

Most, but not Katara, who continued to hold out hope for the future of their world.

And then, one day, she and her brother discovered a boy in an iceberg.

Katara is fourteen-year-old girl, slender and a normal height for her age, with dark skin, long dark hair, and blue eyes, typical of the Southern Water Tribe. Her hair is usually worn in a braid, with distinctive loops fashioned on either side of her face, and she typically dresses in shades of blue or white, nearly always wearing an engagement necklace that had belonged to her mother. As a waterbender, she has has the ability to control and manipulate water, and can also use it to heal wounds and injuries, though she is still in the process of learning both. Katara is typically friendly and open, if sometimes a little overbearing about it.

Much later, Katara is a woman of eighty-five, her dark hair having turned white with age. She is a master waterbender, and widely considered the greatest healer in the world. After having witnessed the end of the Hundred Years War, the building of Republic City, and the turning of the cycle that brings the new Avatar, Katara spends most of her time back in her home, the Southern Water Tribe.

Katara is from Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, and is property of Nickelodeon. This journal exists solely for roleplaying purposes, from which no money whatsoever is being made.
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